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Business Resources for COVID-19 Survival and Recovery

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting our business community during these extraordinarily challenging times, we offer below a quick list of the primary resources that may assist you. We can help you navigate and point you to resources. We are here to help.

We suggest key strategies:
1. Communicate with your staff and customers regularly
2. Limit the media overwhelm and choose your few key reliable sources  of information so you can focus on your business and your people with optimism and best information

3. Access resources from trusted advisors and government agencies - do not be afraid to ask for help. 
4. Monitor your own mental health and that of those around you - remember when flying "put on your mask first - so you are able to help others".
5. Use the time allowed to reassess and reset your business - contingency planning, refining, pivoting into new ways of doing or providing service, policy updating, reimagining potential created by these changes in your customers expectations as we emerge and create our NEW NORMAL. 
6. Connect with like-minded business PEERS, MENTORS, ADVISORS to pull each other along with positive energy. #TogetherStronger - Our Chamber membership network is our greatest asset. 
7. Contact our offices for a broader list of learning, upskilling and training resources and webinars that are changing weekly. Many offerings are FREE or very low cost. 

LOCAL:  Town of Olds - Economic Development Support & Recovery Task Force.  Your voice as we move through our recovery stages is CRITICAL to providing good information to our local leadership team.

The Economic Development Support & Recovery Task Force is asking local  businesses to complete a survey related to the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had or is expected to have on the local economy.  Either complete the online survey or visit the link and use the printable form.

PROVINCIAL:  Alberta Government webpage, listing all information as it becomes available.

COVID-19 Info for Albertans
 for PPE and collaborative clustering with industry

Alberta Biz Connect | for wide range of topics and supports for business

Government of Canada takes action on COVID-19

All programs of support are evolving - rapidly responding to identified needs and gaps.  Support those changes with your voice on surveys timed to keep step with "where we are now". 

Federal SURVEY link: Participate In SURVEYS if you wish to affect change. Just a few minutes of your time as they come out will help shape the policies of Canada’s COVID-19 recovery efforts. It is critical for businesses of all shapes and sizes in all regions of the country to participate. Please set aside a few minutes for this very important task.
The Canadian Survey On Business Conditions


Testing is the most powerful tool in managing this disease. To know if you need to seek medical testing or treatment, use this tool.



Alberta Chambers of Commerce -
in collaboration with Economic Developers Association, The Strategic Counsel, Community Futures representing municipalities across the province, and other organizations,
this survey is driving many changes in progressing the decision-making at every level 

Alberta Survey with deadline Apr 26

Canadian Chamber
 -  Use these and more resources for best practice documents and tools designed to assist business planning and continuity efforts.  

Pandemic Preparedness Guide

MORE from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Crisis Communications Plan Template

Business Continuity & Recovery Plan Template

Reference sheet from the World Health Organization (WHO) for workplaces

We have a wide range of training, skill development, informational and strategic webinars that are available to members usually free of charge from various agencies like Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Community Futures, Travel Alberta, BusinessLink, Business Development Bank, and many others. Contact Chamber office for more information.