What will you do with an extra day?

With full permission, we are borrowing a great idea - Leap of Kindness Day! Full credit to The Saratoga County Chamber for the idea, Olds Chamber is inviting the community to get on board with our inaugural #LeapOfKindnessDay, to take place, on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

We look forward to Leap of Kindness Day happening every 4 years. The idea is to get as many people in our community as possible to use the extra day we all get in a Leap Year to do something kind for someone else.

Across the country, Chambers report they have had hundreds of people take part in this celebration of kindness. Some cooked breakfast or delivered lunch for first responders. Others delivered flowers or socks to residents in local retirement homes. Local employers collected clothes, food and money for a wide range of local charities. Others acted individually sending a thank you card to someone who meant a lot to them.

In celebration of our Chamber's 25th year, we thought this initiative was a great fit to connect Chamber members to great projects by identifying needs and helping to find resources or encourage member businesses to choose passion projects that align and appeal to their staff.

To help you participate, we are reaching out to local non profit organizations through our Board and Members in Olds & area and asking them to identify how we can help them do their great work, or if there is an unmet need that must be addressed. While you can wait to deliver any items you might donate, we encourage everyone to start collection activities within your workplace or organization as soon as possible to maximize your participation and community impact.

Here's what we need you to do:

Go on to our Facebook Page and add to our post what is needed and who to contact. You can also take pictures of acts of kindness your staff is doing, post it on your social media and tag the Olds Chamber so we can see your great ideas and initiatives.

As we inch closer to Leap of Kindness Day 2020, our goal is to see that even more individuals and employers come together in our community and with the help of Chambers, do something kind for someone else using the extra day they will get on February 29, 2020