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Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutters!
You havent even seen them action!
(batteries included!)

You thought that was cool?! Maybe a little bland haha? Well then Check this out!

I know what you'e thinkin... That's right!

If your friends don't have these and you do, they will be the pinnacle of envy! and that will make you the cool one with all the cool stuff and not them!

Hot Deal
Get two Slick Strong Magnet USB Nylon-Braided Cables with one usb-c/micro-usb/lightning connecter, and the choice in color for one sleek Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter of your choice.

Has your charging cable ever broken on you?
Have you had a cable just fall out of the port like a 4 month old worn out micro-usb cable on its last legs. Well fret no more, with a setup like this you can maintain a good connection with your phone while never having to worry about your interface physically wearing out! Magnetism for the win! ontop of since the interface connecter stays connected to your phone as you go it protects your phone's port from wear, debreis and damage! How cool is that?!

Here's what you're looking for! 
3', 100cm, 1M,  Fast Charging, Magneticly attachable cable with full USB3 data transfer speeds.  
We have Strong 5pin magnet models and Extra Strong 10pin magnet models.

Buy two cables, two is an improvment over one

Strong Magnet 5 pin models, 2A charging
$12.50 w/ any (micro usb/usb-C/apple) connector

 Nylon-Braided Black                 Nylon-Braided Silver            Nylon-Braided Red with 90° interface

Extra Strong Magnet 10 pin, 5A Fast Charging Cables
$12.50 w/ any (micro usb/usb-C/apple) connector

Black Nylon-Braided                                                   Silver Nylon-Braided                     

Blue Nylon-Braided                                                         Red Nylon-Braided                     

Thinking ahead!
Consolidate your home with all the same type of cable and set yourself up for a comfortable life! Wherever you put your phone down you'll never have to fumble and waste time, effort and brainpower plugging it in again! Just put it down and feel the satisfaction of that magnetic docking cable snap right in place! Do it infront of your friends and coworkers, make then envyous of how cool you are as you give your phone the full speed and power connection like its no big deal at all.

Out of reach?
1M cable too short? Need a longer cable? ask about the 6',200cm, 2M, Nylon-Braided Silver USB3 extention cable, some cables do come 2m long aswell ask and we'll see what we can do!

Are you into Photography? or are you a Socialite who's obsessed with Selfies?
Pickup a Bluetooth Remote shutter and click that button while you have your camera or phone setup on your tripod selfistick or stretched out with the other hand. Never again have to awkwardly tap your screen as struggle to balance your phone in your shaky hand trying your hardest to hold it still while not dropping the thing. The next time you go 

$6 Bluetooth Remote Shutter
At this price this device is nearly expendable buy 2 or 3 and give them to your kids to play with and not have to worry about them breaking $25 or $30 equivilent hardware. Don't worry I have your back. Bulk Buy 4 and save $1 off the price for every subsequent! that's $5 for every additional Remote Shutter you buy in that order!


Contact me below with whatever you're interested in, I can facilitate trade anywhere in Olds and surrounding area!

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