NuLook Hair Salon

NuLook Hair Salon continues the tradition of making every customer look their best with their own style. 

Full service hair cutting, customized coloring, perms, straightening, as well as surprising specialized skills in eyebrow threading make this shop appeal to every age and stage with style and flair.

Walk in Barber Shop service is a favourite of families on the run, or taking advantage of last minute inspiration. 

Serving Olds and area with three chairs and variety of services 

  • Hair stylists who take pride in listening
  • Barber shop service on walk-in basis
  • Hair coloring, creative streaking a specialty
  • Perms, from soft to robust
  • Hair straightening
  • Threading
  • Foot care specialist on regularly scheduled basis

Get in Touch

  • Address: 5024 51 St,, Olds, Alberta - T4H 1P7
  • Phone: 403-791-7000
  • Email:
  • Web: